Stohr WF1

The WF1 has a full ground effects underbody. Choose from our unlimited P1 tunnel floor or our new P2 flat floor. The large chord carbon rear wing and adjustable flap are positioned to maximize air flow from the rear diffuser. The carbon fiber front diffuser provides matching grip and also provides crash protection. The body is available in carbon fiber or fiberglass using advanced polymer matrix composite.

A combination carbon fiber cockpit with steel tube front and rear clips. Cars for Indy and F1 require drivers to be surrounded by a carbon fiber survival cell. Stohr has the only DSR with comparable technology.

Standard equipment includes a Momo steering wheel with SPA quick release and F1 style paddle shifter. An optional dash provides RPM, water and oil temp, oil pressure, lap times, and data recording. A Stohr designed light weight pedal assembly is adjustable for the driver.

The WF1 accommodates a modern 4 cylinder bike engine. Standard equipment includes a Quaife differential with lightened CV joints and hollow halfshafts, aluminum radiator, and large oil cooler. The Stohr billet aluminum transaxle case is designed to take suspension loads while unstressing the engine.

Penske shocks are available in single, double, or triple adjustable. Jongbloed center-lock ultra light racing wheels come mounted with Goodyear or Hoosier tires. Uprights are machined from billet aluminum with extra sleeves installed for increased wheel bearing rigidity. Large wheel bearings are used to withstand the high downforce.

Wilwood billet aluminum brake calipers. Custom vented brake rotors which are fully floating on light weight billet aluminum hats. Floating rotors provide a firmer pedal and longer rotor life. Master cylinders are Wilwood with cockpit adjustable brake bias control.


  • Weight 780lbs
  • Wheelbase 97in
  • Track 56in
  • Rear track 54in

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